An AI copilot for every conversation

Increase agents' performance with Cohere's AI powered recommendation engine. Quickly identify the best reply for each agent and every customer, every time. Like a personal copilot for your agents, you can now provide consistent and the most effective response suggestions to agents in real-time.

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Accelerate handle times with 40% less typing
With Cohere, agents don’t waste time copy pasting scripts or searching knowledge bases. They get fast, smart recommendations based on ticket context and the customer’s needs to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs without wasting time. All inside the help desk they’re already familiar with – zero training required.

Make every agent a top performer
Add AI-powered suggestions for every interaction, and use them with a single keystroke – all without the need to manually set up rules, templates, or scripts. Cohere learns and grows with your top agents, continuously learning and providing the right response based on context and past interactions for each and every interaction. This means less time crafting and looking up responses, and more time to provide great customer service.

"With Cohere, we’ve been able to start self-serving 60%+ of our customers’ inquiries within a matter of weeks, all by leveraging our existing content. It handles complex, real-world inquiries that other bots struggle with while saving valuable time for our customers – helping our agents focus on the cases that matter most."

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Increase in self-served tickets
Reduction in cost per interaction
Increase in agent productivity

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