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How Ramp automates 60%+ of its in-app support inquiries using Cohere
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How Canix Increased First-Contact Resolutions by 47% and Saves 15 Hours a Week Using Cohere
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How Podium uses Cohere to securely guide, troubleshoot, and educate customers
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How Cuboh Saves Customer-Facing Teams 1 Day Every Week With Cohere
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Loved by hundreds of companies
Cohere has been an absolute game-changer for our onboardings. The value add was immediately noticeable because it takes all the guesswork out of supporting our customers. The team has been incredibly responsive and actively works with us to make the most out of the product.
Sasha Reiss
Co-founder, Playground
Cohere has been game-changing for us. The platform has saved countless hours of walking clients through sharing their screen and undeniably reduced the learning curve for customers trying our product for the first time. When we first send a control request, customers are often surprised by the feature and how easy it makes the product support experience. One client mentioned to me, "that's amazing, you guys should sell that system". Cohere has saved us a tremendous amount of time and solidified our brand as a forward-thinking, support-focused technology company.
Nick Head
Account Manager, Cuboh
Cohere is dead simple and lightning fast. It helps us cut through a lot of wasted time with setting up a traditional screenshare, and makes our customers more comfortable and confident, knowing that we’re right there with cutting-edge support if needed. And the team provides friendly support, quick and helpful service — always.
Paul Moore
Product Support, Follow Up Boss
Cohere allows us to jump in proactively with our clients, creating smooth onboardings and solving customer issues before they become problems. Our team can reach out to a customer at the exact time they've engaged with our product, having full context and delivering a 10x customer success experience with very little effort.
Pedro Dellagnelo
Co-founder, Oico
Our customers are amazed at how easy it is for them to have someone from our team interact with them in seconds.
Gladymar Rivera
Customer Support Specialist, BrainHi
Cohere has made onboarding our Chefs 10x easier because we can literally show them where to go and how to use the product instead of wasting half the time saying “click X button”.
Andy Prevalsky
CTO, Hotplate
It makes calls easier, and it makes troubleshooting calls and training calls faster because you can see what the customer is looking at and walk them through it in real-time without second guessing what they are looking at. If they get stuck you can jump in and take control and give them peace of mind that it will get resolved. Our customers love it because it requires no set up on their end, they are always really impressed when I say, “Yeah I can see what you’re doing, now go ahead and click XYZ.” — We have a lot of customers who are not technically savvy and Cohere is a huge win to help support that customer segment.
Natalie Mercuri
Manager of Customer Support Operations, Canix
PSA: everyone absolutely needs to use Cohere — it’s helped us convert leads into customers who spend $1000s with us every year. Without a tool like this we were losing customers, we would sometimes spend up to 30-60 minutes to solve issues for users who weren’t tech-savvy. The instant that we got Cohere, everything changed — now the customers just call us on the phone, we ask them to grant permission and help them submit their projects in less than five minutes. There’s no better way to boost your success op than Cohere. Trust me and install it — you can thank me later.
Alex Tilici
Founder, VS24
Cohere enables insurers to offer a high-touch, personalized experience at scale – as if you’re sitting right next to the customer, walking them through the application.
Hemal Shah
CPO, Root Insurance
I love Cohere and can’t imagine onboarding or supporting customers without it. Previously, our onboarding would require painfully setting up a screenshare with operators who have a difficult time using Zoom. Cohere made it as simple as calling them on the phone, and viewing their screen on Cohere — no frustration required. It’s totally changed customer support as well, since we skip the back-and-forth Loom videos and just jump straight into a Cohere screen share to solve the issue, which our customers love. Absolutely recommend this tool to everybody.
Amir Ghorbani
CEO, Swoop
We got Cohere set up in 5 minutes after seeing it on YC Hacker News and we’ve been using it ever since. It makes onboarding and support customer calls simpler because we can always see what the customers are seeing. Whenever we use the tool, they’re always pleasantly surprised that we can direct them without having to go over screenshare, lengthy descriptions, screenshots, or video conferencing. And the team is great — we have a shared Slack channel with them, and they always respond within minutes.
Cosmin Lehane
Founder, Tapwater
Cohere has made it much easier for our team to troubleshoot problems over the phone. Our customers have been blown away – it's like we're sitting over their shoulder guiding them through our product. We've also seen decreased support requests after showing customers how to use our product in real time.
Matt Velker
CEO & Co-founder, Openwrench
Cohere is an indispensable part of how we interact with our customers. We use it in every onboarding and support call; it’s a night and day improvement vs. zoom screenshare. The team is also great — they are super responsive to feedback and product questions.
Ben Stein
Co-founder, Keeper
Cohere allows us to help our customers directly, and is instrumental to our workflow by giving us the ability to see in real-time how users engage with BlueReceipt. Our customers have expressed that they love having the ability to simply call us and automatically get their problems solved. I’m excited to see the progression in the product!
George Klein
CEO, BlueReceipt
Cohere gives us a competitive advantage by enabling high-touch personalized support for our users, with far less effort than juggling around email chains.
Arthur Alvarenga
CEO & Co-founder, Chatpay
Cohere is a fantastic time saver that has helped us onboard customers much more quickly and seamlessly than before. Customers have told us that they love our ability to accurately guide them through their questions rather than having to struggle through which screens they’re on or which buttons to click.
Ben Gobar
Head of Servicing, Cherry
Our product is a complex one, and self-service signups aren't enough to get users started after a demo call. Cohere allows us to transform demos into full-service onboardings, which has dramatically improved our activation rate!
Ish Baid
Founder & CEO, Virtually
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